Magnetic Homopolar Electrodynamic Bearings

- A Totally Passive Technology -


Homopolar Electrodynamic Bearing - Totally Passive Design


Extreme High Speed Operations

The Homopolar Electrodynamic Bearings (HEDB) - is a Magnetal patented solutions for "Passive and Hybrid Magnetic Bearings". Our solution provides a unique combination of outstanding characteristics to improve and enable any usage of high speed rotation. Thanks to a simplictic design, compactness and exceptional life time, even at extrem speed, our bearings enable business cases for utilizing high speed rotation in retail products.

"Speed is a heavenly gift"/Gustaf de Laval


Solutions for:

Energy Storage, Energy Quality,

Micro Turbines, Motors, Spindles, Products and Services

KERS, Kinetic Energy Recovery System for Automotive in F1 and Commercial Cars Wind Power Power Grid, Energy Quality Medicine, Electronic Industry, Process Industry Space applications Flywheel, KERS, Kinetic Energy Recovery System Solar Power, Clean Tech and Envirnomental Friendly, Stabilizing Energy Vacuum, Tooling Compressors and  Micro CHP

Clean - Silent - Fast - Reliable -Cost Effective

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Passive Magnetic Bearings

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Kinetic Energy Recovery System, KERS, Flywheel, Energy, Power Grid,
Frequency Stabilization, Automotive, Air and Space, Compressors, Vacuum,
Oil and Gas,
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