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Magnetal AB has access to recognized world authorities in regards to bearings, magnetism, flywheel and vacuum applications.

There are also very good relations to academia in terms of electric motors and generators - an important subcomponent for flywheel energy storage systems.

In the field of Flywheel energy storage Magnetal has made extensive research and has come up with several prototypes for this kind of energy storage solution. The benefit from using Magnetal technology is that it has low friction and thus low losses.
The flywheel solutions also have the ability to provide power (energy per unit of time) that other solutions lack. This is especially important for the electrification of the automotive industry, where electrochemical batteries are suffering from very short lifetime and high cost.

In 2005 Magnetal sponsored PhD thesis on low loss magnetic bearings for high speed applications were finalized, a vital component in successful flywheel design. The PhD Thesis can be downloaded (See link - right)


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Energy Storage, Energy Quality,
Micro Turbines, Motors, Spindles, Products and Services

KERS, Kinetic Energy Recovery System for Automotive in F1 and Commercial Cars Wind Power Power Grid, Energy Quality Medicine, Electronic Industry, Process Industry Space applications Flywheel, KERS, Kinetic Energy Recovery System Solar Power, Clean Tech and Envirnomental Friendly, Stabilizing Energy Vacuum, Tooling Compressors and  Micro CHP

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Magnetal PhD Thesis by Torbjörn Lembke

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Passive Magnetic Bearings

Solutions for energy efficient- applications

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Kinetic Energy Recovery System, KERS, Flywheel, Energy, Power Grid, Frequency Stabilization, Automotive, Air and Space, Compressors, Vacuum, Oil and Gas, Process Industry, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Frequency Stabilization, Energy Quality, Bearings, Lager, Clean tech, Green technology








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