Magnetal has an extensive knowledge and experience of high speed operations formany types of industries. Therefore we offer services for implementing or enabling high speed operation in your solution. Typically this involves:

Magnetal Solutions

  • Analysis of bearing forces
  • Optmization of design and construction
  • Rotordynamic analysis for assessing the forces and the need for bearing solutions
  • Tailoring of the Magnetal HEDB solution to fit into your application

Our product series of HEDB Passive Magnetic Bearings holds the unique property of performing better with increased rpm. Take off speed is dependant on load on the bearing (explained in the technology presentation - link). Our bearings will deliver performance from 5000 rpm but rpm in excess of 50 000 to 150 000 rpm is optimum (naturally depending on required loads)

Most often higher speed will provide the opportunity to reduce sizes, weight and volume - positively affecting the construction.

Magnetal is currently developing a catalogue of high speed bearings. The first HEDB-bearing series are planned to be launched by the end of March 2012.

Magnetal offers tailoring of the HEDB-solution to specific products. Typically this is favorable for larger series or where developing cost is motivated to obtain a key technical solution.

For an explenation of what a high speed application can provide to your operation please look at the FAQ-section or read our partners GESS (Green Energy Storage Solution) that will reduce weight from a traditional low rpm flywheel with more then 98 percent if the rpm is increased to 150 000 rpm.
Link to GESS-White Paper


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